Marla Sievers

It’s perfect for the main Disney theme parks and water parks. The local Walmart is also really close. It was in a quiet location and in only a few turns you are on the main road to adventure. It took between 12-20 minutes to get to a Disney park (depending on which one you were going to) so was easy to get to a park early come back for some R&R and then go out again later. We have stayed in other Villa’s before who say 15 minutes that has turned out to be 45 mins travel time. This is definitely not the case in that by the time the kids had the list of rides sorted, we were there.

If you get time as well as the main parks, we really enjoyed the Disney mini-golf with came free (before 4pm) on the passes we had, Legoland was a pleasant surprise (even for an 11 year old),the Space Centre also Wild Willey’s airboat ride.

The villa had every thing we needed (wifi, tv, games room, pool etc) and the games room is amazing. I wish we had booked longer so we could have used it more. Working out a plan to come back.

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